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Dev Blog #9: UI, NPC Interactions, and Crafting

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Hey everyone!

We've had another very productive sprint. The team is moving ahead at a consistent pace. We're still feeling confident about our timelines and working harder than ever to get things done.

Player HUD and enemy health bars

We have some early stages of our player HUD and we can now see enemy health bars (Yay, no more looking at console print outs). In our combat test scene we have two enemies and a bunch of copies of Max, along with an early wireframe of our player HUD.

Starting at the top left are the player's health and stamina. The top right shows the current season, day, time, and the minimap. The placeholder image there will show the weather once we have icons made. In the bottom left are placeholders for hotkeys. This will show the player which interactions are available at any moment and which keys will activate them. Finally, in the bottom right is the current quest and quest objectives. We are working up functional wireframes like this for all our UI elements, later to be jazzed up with custom images.


The model for one of our characters, Ida, is finished and rigged. Get it, Ida! Wow, such moves!

Crafting System

We have a prototype! What we were going for here was the ability for the player to go to a crafting station, and see all the types of things that can be crafted. There, they will see information about components needed to craft the item. The player can use any components they have that are the correct type.

When the item is crafted, it will be given relevant stats that are determined by the quality of components that the player puts in. This system makes crafting simple and rewards the player for searching out those quality raw materials.


We have also added support for interactable objects for the player and NPCs to use. One of the interactable items in our test scene right now is a bed we previewed in our last post.

When the player uses it, time is advanced to the next morning and the player's stamina and health are rejuvenated.

When an NPC uses it, they recover their energy, one of a few different "needs" they have that drive their daily routines. There are animations that go with a few of our interactions, and we will have more made as we decide what kinds of objects are going to go into the game. We have also added some placeholder objects to represent chairs, so NPCs can rest their tired feet, as well as some objects for recreation and hunger needs.

What's next?

  • Our 3D artist is hard at work on the female protagonist

  • The crafting system's front end, so you can see how it works!

  • Custom animations and a vast improvement to player controls and fluidity of movement

  • NPC AI updates to integrate Love/Hate.


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