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Dev Blog #7: AI and Locations

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Hello Again!

We had another very productive sprint, getting a lot done on the NPC AI as well as some more stuff behind the scenes that support game functionality.

We also got another character model finished, made by Emma Salamanca

Rachel is done, she looks great, and she's been integrated into the game. Of our main characters, this just leaves Ida, Dino, and our Female Protagonist!


It was a big month for AI. Instead of taking a few weeks off for the holidays, we doubled down and used that time to bust out several new AI features.

  • Characters can now flee from a fight, if they want.

  • NPCs can interact with objects in the world, and be affected by those objects.

  • NPCs experience needs like hunger, exhaustion, and the need for socialization or recreation. They will then seek out activities to fulfill those needs.

  • NPCs will change their behavior based on date and time. For example, they may decide to eat because it's lunch time, head to a certain location when an event is happening, or head to their workplace when it's time to set up shop.

  • NPCs can also interact with each other now, not just the player.


We did a lot of work on systems that handle locations in the world of Lost Haven. We can now define regions in a coordinate system that is easier for us devs to work with than the standard Unity coordinate system. These regions can be used for quests, town events, and more!

For example, we also finished the functionality to allow for land plots to be cleared of monsters and unlocked for town use. This will be a big part of Lost Haven, taking back the land from monsters and growing the town.

Day and Night

We've also incorporated a Unity asset for our Day Night system. Since Lost Haven uses a non-standard date system (four seasons, rather than twelve months), and a custom clock, we had to do some work to get these pieces playing nicely together.

What's Next?

We have a little more work on the AI to do, so you'll be seeing more of that in future dev blogs, as well as some more behind-the-scenes work on features like the local economy of Lost Haven, and relationships between the player and townsfolk.

Other than that, we have many of our features prototyped at this point. Most of what we have left to do is pulling all these finished pieces together into a cohesive demo, and building up the game world.

Thanks for your interest in Lost Haven!


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