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Dev Blog #6: Combat AI

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Welcome back to the dev blog!

This week, another character model was finished! If you missed previous dev blogs, we have been working with Emma Salamanca and she is doing fantastic work. There was a little preview in the last dev blog, but here is the Male Protagonist, fully polished

Our next character on the list is Rachel! Keep an eye out for a preview of her character model very soon. If you don't want to wait, you can see the concept art for Rachel, our Female Protagonist, and the other characters starring in our upcoming demo in our image gallery.

Combat AI

We also finished off some important AI planning. For the past few sprints we have been thinking and talking about how we want our NPCs to behave and how we can make those ideas happen. This past sprint we finally compiled our thoughts into a solid plan, and will be knocking out these chunks of AI functionality over the next few sprints.

We started with combat.

Our baddies can now detect NPCs that are near them and will begin chasing. It's a slow chase right now, since we haven't hooked up running animations for mobs/NPCs just yet. We can pretend it's an homage to old horror film villains, or maybe It Follows.

Next up for combat AI is refactoring the combat system so it can easily be triggered by the AI code and we can get some swords swinging.


What is an RPG if you can't level up your character? This development sprint we also prototyped the character experience system. There won't be much to look at until we start fleshing out our UI, but the player character now has the ability to level up and earn skill points.

What's Next?

This sprint, we had planned to start working with Love/Hate, a Unity Store Asset for NPC relationships. We started to look into how to integrate Love/Hate with our AI and it coincided with plans that the developer of Love/Hate already had to develop built-in support for Apex Utility AI. So, we reached out and decided to work together.

As I mentioned briefly, we are also going to be expanding on our combat AI further during this sprint. We will be implementing behaviors (like fleeing and attacking) that can be combined by the AI in different ways to create enemies that respond realistically to a situation.

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Until next time.