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Dev Blog #5: Development Milestones

Hello again!

At the end of our last development sprint, we sat down as a team and took stock of which pieces of our game have been completed in some form, and which pieces we had yet to tackle.

We were pleasantly surprised to see such good, quantifiable progress. Most of the vital features are implemented to some degree, with only a few left before we can really start to see something complete and playable.

If you want to get a look at the prototypes we've finished already, previous dev blogs are a good place to start, but feel free to ask us any questions you have, either here or on Twitter!

We're getting very close to our first milestone, a code-complete technical demo of our game. We are so proud of our core team and our contractors for getting us this far.


As mentioned in the last dev blog, we are focusing a lot on the AI. Some of the work we did this sprint was under the hood. For example, we implemented some debugging tools to support visualization of the AI while it is running, as well as dynamic configuration of the pathfinding grids. By visualizing the AI, we can see which decisions the NPCs are making, why those decisions were selected, and identify any problems.

We also made some improvements to how the NPC reacts when they're being talked to, and integrated the AI with the dialogue system so that NPCs don't keep wandering off and doing their own thing when you're trying to talk to them.


We have also expanded the combat system to include multiple weapon types, though we still need the animations to support the different weapon types. We also made a few code improvements to make modifying the attack combos easier for us and, in the future, to expose this functionality to modders.


We were incredibly pleased with the completed Max model made by Emma Salamanca in the last sprint, and she has started on our next character, known for now as "Male Protagonist". He's the male version of our default playable character. We have plans to implement customizable playable characters for the full game, but since that is an ambitious feature, he and our Female Protagonist character will be the stars of our technical demo.

The image shown here is a work in progress; we will definitely share the completed character model when he is finished.

What's Next?

We are going to maintain our focus on AI, since a thriving and realistic community of NPCs is at the heart of Lost Haven. We have several things we are hoping to accomplish with the NPC Combat in our current sprint. We also have plans to work on incorporating another main feature of Lost Haven: relationships and social interactions with NPCs.


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