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Dev Blog #2: The Beginnings of Combat


Inventory System

Our primary focus of the last development sprint was finishing up some functionality for the inventory system. We now have the ability to drop items in the game world and pick them up again. We're using a basic barrel model that got from the Unity Asset Store as a placeholder for testing. It will be replaced with more representative objects later.

We also addressed a few inventory bugs that we ran into, such as an issue with items sometimes disappearing when they were equipped. The inventory functionality is nearly done, but the UI is still very much in progress.

Combat System

Near the end of our sprint we started working on the combat system. Combat is a big part of Lost Haven, so we are taking the time to get it right. Our goal is snappy, combo-based fighting that is easy to pick up but leaves room for more skilled players to learn and grow. We are taking inspiration from games like Dynasty Warriors, with fast-paced, responsive combat.

This, of course, means we must do research by playing such games ;)

Right now, we have a few of the different combat pieces done and we will be fitting them together throughout our next development sprint. Our placeholder Ethan character is set up with basic sword animations.

What's Next?

As mentioned above, we are going to be focusing primarily on combat during this sprint. In order to support the combat system that we have in mind, we have also started redesigning player movement to have the sharp, precise movement we want for the combat.

We'll also sprinkle in some AI work and continue fleshing out the area in which our players start their journey in Lost Haven. We have already started blocking out buildings and different areas and we'll be swapping in the real assets as we create them.

Keep an eye out here, or on our Twitter for updates on Lost Haven, and watch as it grows into a fully-fledged RPG.


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