• Savatronix Dev Team

Dev Blog #15: How Does That Make You Feel?

We're back with another update on the development process of Lost Haven. It has been a minute since we checked in. We are still dealing with some code refactoring, so during our last sprint we just didn't have much to show you.

This sprint, however, we have some more visual work being done and managed to get some nice, juicy screenshots.


The big update for this development sprint is that our cast of NPCs was upgraded. They are no longer the expressionless robots they once were. Working with our animator, we created a variety of facial expressions for each of our characters ranging from sadness, to anger, to confusion, to bliss.

It's been a lot of fun playing around with this expressions, and we can't wait to get them integrated with the dialogue system so these characters can truly come to life.

Terrain Work

We mentioned in our previous post that we wanted to make some real progress on the environment art-- and we DID.

One of our developers-turned-artist has built up a new terrain for the Lost Haven game world and the majority of the last sprint has been spent on adding textures to the terrain mesh.

We're almost done, now. Then comes the task of adding objects to the landscape, so it feels lived-in. Things like trees, rocks, bits of monster dens, and things to gather and collect.

What's Next?

We plan to get the terrain and environment work finished up very soon, as well as getting more game content put into the feature's we've built up. As one example, we are currently working on some quests and dialogue.

As always, we're very excited about how far Lost Haven has come, and we are working harder than ever to get Lost Haven across the finish line.