• Savatronix Dev Team

Dev Blog #12: New Animations and a House

New Character Animations

For the past few months we have been working with an animator to create all-new character animations for our game. This has been a long process, as we want to make sure that movement and combat are both smooth and responsive.

We are always improving the controls, and some aspects of combat are still in the works, but we feel that these are ready to show off!

Object Models

We have also been working on more art assets to fill out the game world. This will be the future home of one of our non-playable characters. We are aiming for a style that is semi-realistic, but with the cute anime style that we are going for with our characters.

Another object model we've completed is a basic greatsword. This will be one of the weapons available early on. With much more heft and power than the basic one-handed sword, this two-handed weapon will cleave right through enemies.

Balancing Stats for Combat

Character stats, like many parts of game development, are both mathematical and imprecise. In order to get combat feeling just right, we are iterating over the stats and making little tweaks in order to create enemies that are challenging and scale up in level properly. Getting the difficulty right is an art, and the more we practice the better we get.

Saving and Loading

Managing all the data in a game isn't very sexy. We can't show it off with pretty gifs or screenshots. Nonetheless, we have been putting our heart and souls into preparing all the game items, characters, scenes, and everything else, for being saved and re-loaded later.

We're nearly complete with this 'data layer', and when it's done we will have the framework in place to both support saving and loading as well as easier modding of the final game.

The next step in this process is to refactor the way we were loading our scenes. The current process is a bit clunky, and we intend to streamline it. Again, not very sexy, but these things need to get done.

What's next?

One of the big things we're working on now is CUTSCENES. We're diving into the brand-new Unity feature: Timelines. With a combination of Unity's support for Timelines, recently integrated Cinemachine, and a bunch of custom code, we're creating the system that will support a wide variety of cutscenes and character interactions.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for more art assets. We are still working on character animations, game objects to populate the world, and a UI to slap on top.