• Savatronix Dev Team

Dev Blog #11: Armor!

Leather Armor & Armor Equipping

We have had weapon equipping finished for a while, but armor was always a bit trickier. Because of how 3D characters operate, some extra work needs to go into telling the armor how to bend and move when the character moves.

During the last sprint we finally tackled armor assets. Alyssa, our lead developer, with a self-taught background in 3D modeling, made a set of early-game leather armor and got armor equipping implemented as well.

Armor pieces can now be swapped out using the inventory in any combination.

Moving Things Indoors

Now for something a little more behind-the-scenes.

As part of our development for indoor game scenes, we have started working on a "data layer" for pieces of our game. This is a pretty significant change to the code, but if we do it right you won't even notice it.

The idea is to change how game objects are defined and loaded so that we can load scenes (for example, the inside of a house) inside another scene, and keep track of things as we move between them.

Camera changes and bug fix

In response to a bug we found in the camera, we also made some improvements to the game camera. The camera now works properly in small spaces (i.e. indoors) and does not pass through walls or other large obstacles. We also plan to make some more improvements as we make adjustments to the character movement soon.

Custom Unity Inspector

For those familiar with Unity, you'll know that you can see some of the internal information at run-time, using Unity's editor. However, Unity does not support everything by default. For custom data types, often you need to make some tweaks yourself. We did that during the past sprint, allowing us to more easily change character information while the game is running.

We have used this, so far, to tweak character stats and see the effect it has on combat. Using the Unity editor, we can see the effects of our changes instantly rather than having to go into code and then reload the game.

What's Next?

We've been talking about it for a little while, but this next print we should finally see the animations that have been under construction. The new animations, along with some tweaks to the character controller, should bring the polished feel to character movement that we have been striving for.

We will also continue work on the "data layer", as we have been calling it. Though not very sexy, making sure the underlying data of the game is saved, loaded, and passed around to different components in a way that is efficient and organized is going to make the game as a whole much better.

There is also more work going on inside the combat system. This sprint we are getting a little deeper into the combat system and looking at block, parry, evade, and attack speed to find some starting numbers that create the experience we are looking for.

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