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Dev Blog #10: Models, Animations and More

Greetings! We're back again, and we've come a long way in the past few weeks.

Female Protagonist

Our Female Protagonist is complete and rigged for animation. She'll be the co-star of our alpha, alongside our Male Protagonist.


Last sprint we had the models finalized, and they are rigged for animation as well. These two fierce-looking creatures will add danger to the world of Lost Haven and allow you to practice your combat skills.

Love/Hate Updates

We were finally able to pick this one up off the back burner and bring it across the finish line. Previously, NPC’s would decide what they would do based on basic needs and wants. The Love/Hate updates have improved upon that by taking it a step further. Now, a character's personality will influence how they interact with the player and the game world.

In addition to the integration of Love/Hate into the AI system, we did heavy refactoring of the AI. Several bugs were fixed, and we added a few new interactions for the NPCs so they can express more of their personalities.

Balancing player/enemy damage

Internally we’ve had a lot of discussion about combat damage balancing. Not just balancing for how difficult the enemies should be, but for how we want combat to feel and the numbers that will achieve that feeling. We’ve got one of our game designers working on this and we’ve got a few ideas…

What's Next?

We have a lot coming down the pipeline in terms of visuals and player experience. In the next few weeks we should be seeing some changes to the environment and character animations. We are also doing some work on our story, but the reveal of that will be a little bit further down the road.

And, of course, we will keep polishing up the game play and adding in the pieces we need for our demo to be complete


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