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Dev Blog #1: Inventory System and Farming

Hey Guys!

Here we are with our first dev blog for Lost Haven. We've been busy getting some fundamental features in place, the first of which is theinventory system. Much of it is behind-the-scenes code to handle item data and organization and isn't very exciting to look at, but we do have a very basic UI built up with some placeholder images.

All the code for the inventory is in place. We can add and remove items, move them between the different slots, and equip things. Each item has a name, description, value, stats, and other things that we will use later down the road.

We have also made great progress implementing the farming system. This is our first prototype, with basic farm plots that can be selected by walking up to them. The squares are highlighted with a soft particle effect, but we're going to be doing some work on this effect since it can be a little hard to see.

Working in tandem with the inventory system, we can also till and water the farm plots if we have the hoe or watering can equipped, respectively. This lays the groundwork for many different tool-based interactions.

You may have noticed that the landscape is currently a bland brown color and very flat. No, Lost Haven isn't going to be set in a barren desert, the terrain just isn't done yet! This is something one of our game designers is working hard on. Soon we will start laying out the trees, buildings, and other objects as well as texturing the terrain so that it doesn't look like an endless, sprawling desert wasteland.


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