Reclaim monster-infested lands

Set in an immersive 3D world, Lost Haven tells the story of a land riddled with roving groups of monstrous creatures, with the bulk of humanity hiding behind city walls. That's when you, a lone adventurer, team up with a small family farm to win back the land and build a haven for humanity. Explore the varied terrain and push back the beasts that have taken over.

Grow crops to feed your town

Support the town by growing crops and gathering resources, and watch as it takes on a life of its own with an ever-changing economy. Your actions directly impact the lives of the townsfolk and the appearance of the town.

Interact with neighbors, and even find love

Each person in town has their own personality, preferences and daily life. Build relationships with your neighbors by chatting, giving gifts, and doing favors. Maybe you'll find a special someone to share your farm with. As you meet new characters, you can ask them to join you and watch your town grow.

Build up defenses and prepare for attack!

As your town's borders expand, the monsters will become threatened and make a move to regain their territory. Build up town defenses and repel attackers.

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Game Area

A map of the game world that you'll be able to explore