About Us

Tyler Wagner
Founder; CEO; Dev

Tyler has been gaming long enough to experience the original NES in all its glory, and learned to code shortly after. He turned his passion for programming into a career, and has now merged both loves with his fondness for JRPGs with the creation of Lost Haven.

Since obtaining his bachelor's degree, Tyler has worked in software engineering for several years. His expertise in C# has afforded him many opportunities doing work for companies such as Intel and Microsoft. He plans to bring his knowlege of software development and product management to the game industry.


Alyssa Stehle
Founder; Dev; 3D Artist

Alyssa has been playing games nearly her whole life, starting with Pokemon Blue on the GameBoy Color. Since then, she's ranged from "MMO Addict" to "Filthy Casual", enjoying many genres from laid-back simulation games to bloody RPGs.

She taught herself programming in high school and went on to complete a bachelor's of computer science with a focus on game and simulation programming. She has been working consistently as a software engineer, with experience primarily in mobile and full-stack web development. She has also done work for Intel, Valve, and Google in the course of her career.

Richard Thomson
Founder; Game Designer

Rich discovered his love for video games on Atari and has always been entranced by the stories they tell. He has enjoyed many types of games, with combat-packed FPS' and strategy games being among his favorite.


He studied programming in college, and after graduation worked first as a web developer, and later as a software consultant working closely with Microsoft.